Smart Fish is released!


This is the first time I release this game.

This is a story of a group of small fishes, they found a kind of photosphere that can help them hatching fish eggs and give them the power to open the ancient Totem of Knowledge. Unfortunately, the photosphere float above the habitat of crabs. The small fish help each other to gather the photosphere. Can you guide them to obtain all photosphere and void the crabs?

You can hold down the left mouse to make a small light for the small fishes,  guide them to avoid the hidden danger under the sea.

But the fish have their own personality, not all of them happy to accept you guide, they will try to collect photosphere in their own way.

Please make a wise choice for put how many fishes into the sea area, and please try to guide them to a prosperous race.

Thank you!



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22 days ago

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